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Play over 1,200 FREE Online Games! Including SpongeBob Games, Driving Games, Arcade Games, Puzzle Games, Funny Games, Sports Games, Shooting Games, Detective Games and more! New Games every week FREE!

Play Spongebob Squarepants Dutchmanís Dash. This TV show turned into video game keeps your excitement up high if you learn how to control Spongebob in the battle against the evil Plankton. Speed up and get help to unlock Sandy and Patrick. In the Spongebob games to play, you will find the unique skills of each character amazing. As you continue the game, you get more amaze when Spongebob starts to transform into a Spongeball. The adventure begins when Patrick demonstrates strength lifting heavy items while Sandy shows her lasso skills. Play the Spongebob carnival using the flying squirrel gliding tactics. The controls and graphics of this free game keep the fun going as you see Spongebob flip or flop.

Play Counter Strike Source in a movement of free play. Although there are several online college games available in the site, only the Counter Strike has been considered demonstrating the most energizing game strategy that uses online shooters and antiwar graffiti. Counter Strike is a very popular online soldier shooter game designed by its artist with an activist edge and situationist themed intervention strategy. Are you bored with the suburb environment in shooting games? Let Counter Strike take you to play reality TV off camera with its new unsanctioned game and space remixed with existing conditions.

Play 3D Motorbike Racing in cross-country track. Enjoy mud, dirt, and sand on screen with a rush of your blood as you twist and jump over rough open hills. Racetracks have steep high jumps that any rider could soar in the air when racing. Superbike racing is back on track with less possible physical bodily harm. Practice midair stunts and ramp-to-ramp stunts on screen. Get to the finish line and enjoy amazing speed and turns as you drive and accelerate.

Get an authentic simulator on screen to test your drag racing driving skills. Play Drag Racer V3 Car Race. This is a flash game where you can customize head-to-head drag racing challenges. You are allowed to buy parts, modify the external appearance of your car, paint, tune, or upgrade. Be proud showing off your art and driving skills. Drag race is all about winning the game and updating your car.

The Spiderman 3 is one of the best action games that both adults and kids enjoy. With the release of the game on Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows, you can see people swinging off Spiderman on burning buildings and giving his girlfriend a thrill ride between skyscrapers. Start a city chase against robbers and bad guys. Enjoy the challenge of being a hero who can be manipulated by a black suit. How do you turn a hero into a bad guy and then bring him back to good role again? Play the Spiderman 3 and find out.

Play Apple Shooter Archery Game and start shooting the apple placed on top of your friendís head. Try aiming the arrow using the mouse to control your bow. Just remember to hold the mouse button as long as you can in order to obtain power shot. There are plenty of online mystery games in the website. Try the Sleuth detective game and learn how to be creative in interviewing people to solve a case. Remember to choose FlashGamePlay.com. Never limit your choices with few offered games in other websites.